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personal… and hidden from view

The early Macintosh was a defining product for Apple. The original Macintosh was a compact, all-in-one device that provided everything. It wasn’t intended to be modified, in fact, it was difficult to open. To open the Mac you needed a very specialized tool; a Torx screwdriver over 8 inches long.


Not very many people owned the necessary tool. For those who did manage to open the case, a surprise awaited them. Inscribed into the inside rear panel case mold for the 128k, 512k and Mac Plus are the signatures of the development team.


The personal investment of the people who created these computers is remarkable. The fact that the extra measure (and expense) was taken to sign the inside of the computer that wasn’t intended to be opened or seen is a noteworthy act. These people took this matter personally, which makes it really special. It approaches a magical touch.

The people who used the computers also commonly took pride and showed creativity in the decoration they applied to the machines. Commonly, stickers we applied to the computer to make the personal computer even more personal.

IMG_9022 IMG_9021

Sometimes, the computers were turned into electronic altars that were decorated with things meaningful and personal.

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