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sidestepping the cosmic scrap heap…

At times, synchronicity and coincidence entwine to create a magical engine. This art is the product of a series of serendipitous occurrences over a long time. For over 20 years, space, relationships and circumstances have stewed and brewed to manifest the art you are now seeing. The sustained forces driving this art were irresistible.

It just so happens that a very unusual place and situation fostered an accumulation of discarded Apple computers. It just so happens that the image of the bitten apple, the well-known Apple logo, invokes the story of the Garden of Eden. It just so happens that an artist with an abiding interest in the spirituality of humanity and a keen sense of the ancient, pre-patriarchal understandings of humanity and the universe was able to make these connections to forge an artistic strike at the heart of the human condition of inequality and divinely-mandated oppression.

Computers are a product of the Forbidden Knowledge as they demand the knowledge of time, counting, language and change. This project; Undo The Fall; Eden 2.0, closes this circle of the creation and acquisition of the Forbidden Knowledge. Like the Ouroboros, the ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail, this art represents the fruit of the forbidden fruit.

A form of human spirit is manifest in this collection of contraptions made of silicon and rare earth metals. This art installation evolves from thinking machines to praying machines which tread in mystical realms to redeem their creators and make the world whole again.

With this creation, the Biblical curse of The Fall is undone. Human equality and personal dignity are restored. The Garden of Eden is rebooted. Welcome home.

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