• What is this project about?

This is a feminist art project designed to show that we can do good things with “forbidden knowledge”.  Apple Computers are the medium for this art installation. The old, discarded computers are networked and they pray for human equality. 

• What is the Forbidden Knowledge?

The knowledge of number, change, time, cause and effect. The forbidden knowledge understands the transience of a moment, and the eventuality of death. The Forbidden Knowledge represents the loss of innocence.

• Why use computers for this offering?

Computers are creations of number, time and language; they are, more than many things, products of the Forbidden Knowledge. Computers are also an extension of our intellect and repositories of our spirit. Using computers to pray for us is a logical expansion of their capabilities and an acknowledgment of the extent of our personal relationships to them.

• Why Apple Computers?

The logo for this computer is a bitten apple, which recalls the popular story of the Forbidden Fruit, the Forbidden Knowledge and The Fall. Apple Computers have distinguished themselves as a technological manifestation of the human spirit and personality. Apple described their product as the Personal Computer and promoted as “computers for the rest of us”. Apple computers, in their earlier iterations, smiled at you when they started. As such, these personal computers are a fitting vehicle for an artistic prayer to God asking Him to forgive Eve for eating of the Forbidden Fruit, and acquiring the Forbidden Knowledge that has become so common.

• What is The Fall?

The Fall is the name for the curse that God invoked to cast humanity out of the Garden or Eden, Paradise. The Fall justifies the concept of “original sin”, whereby every human is born unclean and cursed by God. The blame for The Curse of The Fall was laid on women. Eve is blamed for the transgression of taking a bite of the Apple. So God cursed women, and thereby all of humanity. Serpents, too, were cursed with eternal enmity with humanity.

•  Why the Virgin of Guadalupe?

Our Lady, the Virgin of Guadalupe, is one of many manifestations of the Mother of God. She first appeared in the New World, which is the home of Apple. The Virgin of Guadalupe is, essentially, a localized apparition of the Mother Of God. She is widely celebrated and loved. She is personally adored by millions. Her adoration has generated much art and many images.