Artist’s Statememt

At times, synchronicity and coincidence entwine to create a magical engine. This art is the product of a series of serendipitous occurrences over a long time. For over 20 years, space, relationships and circumstances have stewed and brewed to manifest the art you are now seeing. The force driving this art project was sustained and irresistible.

It just so happens that a very unusual place and situation fostered an accumulation of discarded Apple computers. It just so happens that the image of the bitten apple, the well-known Apple logo, invokes the story of the Garden of Eden. It just so happens that an artist with an abiding interest in the spirituality of humanity and a keen sense of the ancient, pre-patriarchal understandings of humanity and the universe was able to make these connections to forge an artistic strike at the heart of the human condition of inequality and divinely-mandated oppression.

Computers are a product of the Forbidden Knowledge as they demand the knowledge of time, counting, language and change. This project; Undo The Fall; Eden 2.0, closes this circle of the creation and acquisition of the Forbidden Knowledge. Like the Ouroboros, the ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, this art represents the fruit of the forbidden fruit.

A form of human spirit is manifest in this collection of contraptions made of silicon and rare earth metals. This art installation evolves from thinking machines to praying machines which tread in mystical realms to redeem their creators and make the world whole again.

With this creation, the Biblical curse of The Fall is undone. Human equality and personal dignity are restored. The Garden of Eden is rebooted. Welcome home.


The story is not simple. It is also very old. It begins in the third verse of Genesis in the King James Bible.

The story of the Garden of Eden, of Adam and Eve and The Fall, is perhaps the most widely known story in the western world. In the popular telling of this story, God created Adam and Eve and put them in a perfect world. He told them  everything was there for them, but that the fruit of one tree, the tree of knowledge, may not be eaten. Eve, on the counsel of a serpent, eats of the forbidden fruit. She then convinces Adam to eat of the fruit as well. By eating of this one particular fruit, they are both granted knowledge forbidden to them by God, who, the story tells us, is greatly displeased with Eve and Adam. He curses them and forces them out of the Garden of Eden and into a world of strife, toil and death. God further curses the serpent for its role in the transgression. He curses the serpent with eternal enmity between serpents and humanity. God also commands that Eve shall be unequal to her husband and that womankind shall suffer pain in childbearing. Humanity is condemned to a cruel world of inequality by the curse bestowed after humankind acquired forbidden knowledge and lost innocence,  for which Eve is blamed.

The story of The Fall has profound impact on our world. It creates expectations of inequity and strife as Divine mandates. The story of The Fall places one group (male) as superior to another (female). This Divine mandate of inequality allows one group to claim superiority over another with no other rationale than “because God said so”.  According to the story of The Fall, it is all Eve’s fault. This has been extrapolated to the doctrine of Original Sin and the assertion that womankind is to blame for the ills of the world.

Looking deeper we might see that divinely mandated inequity harms us all. The Divinely privileged group suffers because they don’t have to prove their worth.  The underprivileged group can never attain a sense of dignity, because they’ve been cursed by God and are never able to rise above their lesser status. No matter what they do or make, they can never be recognized as equal.

True dignity comes from self-worth from our achievements; our deeds. Only a structure that rewards deeds reinforces character and gives us the ability to achieve a sense of dignity.

Divine privilege subverts the Golden Rule which creates disharmony and strife. Equality forbids double standards and opens the door to peace.

The Forbidden Knowledge is the loss of innocence. At its essence, the Forbidden Knowledge is the knowledge of number and measure. The awareness of time, the knowledge of change. The Forbidden Knowledge is that the moment passes, that days pass, seasons pass; that all flesh ages and dies. The knowledge of the delineation of life into separate moments, and the separation of things, is the loss of innocence. This knowledge was acquired by Adam and Eve when they ate the forbidden fruit and saw the world as we know it.

Computers are creations of Forbidden Knowledge. Time and counting is at their core. Number is essential to their being. Language enables their process. They are enabled by measure of changes. Additionally, computers are created, they age and die. Their  abstract “flesh” of silicon, metals, and chemicals has a finite lifetime as an organized construct.

Over 70 Apple computers, of different vintages spanning 30 years, are gathered and merged into a single network. These are working computers that are all actively running.  The computers have all outworn their usefulness. They have been vessels and waypoints for many things; important, mundane, sacred and profane. Every one has been loved, cursed, taken for granted, exalted, doubted, trusted and ultimately discarded. These computers are chipped mirrors of the World. They are inhabited by the ghosts of their past. Even when files that record the human experience are erased, their traces remain. The computers are imbued with the spirits of those they have served. The monitors show images of The Mother of God. These computers are also networked and continuously chatting with each other across pink cables to create what has been called a “spirit network”. The computers are singing together as a chorus; chanting the sacred OM while they all maintain an open prayer to God as their foreground process. Their prayer asks for the redemption of Eve and the restoration of  equality. 

This is a Digital Prayer, a physical and mystical offering to God the Father, wherein we have taken the fruits of the Forbidden Knowledge and created a celebration and adoring exaltation of God’s Mother as we pray to Him and ask Him to restore us to a state of equality, and to “Undo The Fall”.