Why Guadalupe?  Because she’s hot stuff. Not only is she the most popular image of Mary, the primordial female, she’s pure fire. She’s the benevolent mother figure, the champion of the underdog, and her name alone rings like the gravity of truth. She’s also hip, trick, slick and trés chic these days.  And she’s growing in popularity daily.

Did you like the images you saw at the exhibit?  Many do, some have asked us for reference to one or another, or more. We believe the more images of Guadalupe out there in the world- the better. So we made the image library available for you for free, and for give and take.

Any image is available for you to download. And, if you have a great image of artwork, or a statue, picture, poster or a photo of an altar to Guadalupe, please upload it and we’ll add it to to the image library.


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